As Summer comes to an end, so does our summer internship. Our time at posAbilities has been more rewarding and fulfilling than we ever could have imagined. Together we laughed, cried of laughter and laughed some more. We got ourselves into tons of shenanigans like wearing matching outfits on Mondays, wearing press on tattoos on Tuesdays and eating way too much cake on cake days. Most of all we had the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. At posAbilities we expanded our skills in event planning, marketing, content creation and much more! We also were able to meet incredible people both inside and outside of the office at the various programs that make up posAbilities.

We figured our experiences could not be summarized solely in one blog post, so we decided to create a short video about what we worked on throughout the term. We would like to thank everyone who helped and supported us with our projects. Our experiences truly would not have been the same without you!