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What is one unique feature of our INCLUSION Art Show & Sale which allows you to take a peek into the creative process of the artists? It’s the LIVE artist demonstrations of course! Back by popular demand, we have another group of talented and passionate artists with diverse abilities who just can’t wait to share with you how they create their masterpieces. Artist demos are scheduled at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm.

Look out for these intriguing artist demos in action on Thursday, October 11th at the Heritage Hall, Vancouver. And be sure to click going on our Facebook event!

11am – Teena Shaw & James Lash

Teena is a devoted potter and painter, who works from her own home studio. She has given wheel throwing lessons at PotteryWorks for the last eight years and patiently supported her many students to develop their skills on the potter’s wheel. She also produces a wheel thrown line of functional pottery for the PotteryWorks studio, which the artists paint and glaze. Teena’s clear guidance and generous contributions to this art studio supported by Community Living Society, allows her students to get in touch with their creative side in a fun and safe space.

Interested in taking a wheel throwing class with Teena? Sign up for a Monday evening class from 6pm – 8pm at:

James was born in Toronto, Ontario, and started doing art as a child. As a natural born artist, his talent flourished over the years, leading him to produce stunning pieces. James is an impressionist painter and likes the work of Monet, Georgia O’Keefe and Chagall.  He loves planes and trains, travelling, and has a taste for good food. His biggest supporters are Dee Blackmore and his family, who are at every show he participates in. He was self-taught, but creates his art at PotteryWorks in New Westminster. James is best described as a man of few words but multiple talents.

Underneath his quiet exterior, James is an expressive and passionate artist who shares with us a little of his experience in the world through artistic mediums. He is a painter and potter with his own unique sense of form and colour. In the studio, crammed with the works of many individuals, James’ work stands out. He is a man with the soul of an artist, and his accomplishments continue to delight us all.

12pm – Rebecca Nosella

Rebecca’s soothing and peaceful personality allows for her to conceptualize the amazing artwork that she creates. Her Acardi’s syndrome and cerebral palsy do not hold her back from expressing herself artistically. Without the ability to talk, and limited vision, she continues producing artwork that sells out shows. With the support of friends and her mom, she is able to create an abstract style with vibrant colours without the use of lines. Her unique technique includes the use of everyday objects like pot scrubbers and squeegees, along with acrylic paint that bring out the textures and effects found in her brilliant art pieces.

“She’s my best friend. She’s taught me everybody has a talent, everybody has a disability, you just can’t see it, and everybody deserves to show what they can do.” – Vicki, Rebecca’s mom. Rebecca takes pride in all of her art pieces, claiming no two pieces are ever the same. Check out her feature in the Burnaby Now here!

1pm, interpretation included – AJ Brown

AJ is a deaf woman with cerebral palsy, specializing in custom pet portraits.  She also creates abstract paintings using watercolour and ink.  Brown is a graduate of Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, the world leader in undergraduate liberal arts education for deaf and hard of hearing students.  Barriers in the job market led to Brown taking art courses in 1999. Always aware of discrimination in its many forms, Brown has devoted herself to volunteerism with several non-profit organizations whose work benefits people with disabilities.  Because of her commitment to public service, Brown was given the 2005 ‘Honours Award for Distinguished Service’ by the Western Institute of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the 2004 BC Transit Award ‘Bus Passenger of the Year’, in recognition of her great humour and courtesy while struggling with the difficulties of disabled ridership.

Brown has been mentored by professional artists and is currently a part-time student at Emily Carr University. In addition to her paintings, Brown has written a brief biography, My Voice: A Journey of Creativity, Courage and Hope, and has a large selection of art cards fashioned from her original work.  Purchases may be made through her website at:

2pm – Cody Tresierra

Cody was just nineteen years old and living in Quesnel, B.C. when he was involved in a life threatening motor vehicle accident. This left him with a broken neck and ventilator dependent. Cody started painting by holding a paint brush in my mouth in Pearson rehab center and quickly learned to love it. Upon leaving Pearson, he began taking classes at Emily Carr and Basic Inquiries Studios. In 1986, Cody became a student of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of Canada and later transitioned into a full member in 2000. He paints with oils and acrylics, and likes trying all subjects and styles. Cody continues to seek out and enjoy taking classes where ever he can and trying new techniques.

I felt pretty devastated when I was first told that I would not get the use of my limbs back”, he says. “But after that, I just concentrated on getting on with my life. I was lucky that I was young, and young people are adaptable.” Cody maintains a lively interest in music, sports and all forms of the arts, and now lives with his wife in Cloverdale, British Columbia. You can find some of his work for sale at:


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