Live artist demonstrations are back at this year’s INCLUSION Art Show & Sale! If you’ve ever wanted to observe an artist at work, this is the perfect opportunity. We have a group of passionate artists with diverse abilities who are excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process.

Artist demos are scheduled at 11am, 12pm, and 1pm. Find these artists in action on Thursday, October 10th at the Heritage Hall, Vancouver. RVSP on Facebook to let us know you’ll be there!

11am – James Lash, Pottery wheel throwing

James was born in Toronto, Ontario and started doing art as a child. James likes to do art because he is a natural artist. He is an impressionist painter and likes the work of Monet, Georgia O’Keefe and Chagall. James loves planes, trains and travel, and has a taste for good food. His biggest supporters are Dee Blackmore and his family, who are at every show James participates in.

He creates his art at CLS PotteryWorks in New Westminster but was self-taught. James is a man of few words but many talents. He is a painter and potter with his own unique sense of form and colour. In the studio, among the works of many individuals, James’ work stands out. He is a man with the soul of an artist, and his accomplishments continue to delight us all.

12pm – Alex Lecce, Painting

Alex Lecce graduated from Heritage Woods Secondary School in 2014. He started drawing with felt pens when he was in kindergarten (Henry the Green Engine and Gordon the Big Engine) and continued learning art through his teenage years at his school.

Alex works with different mediums: acrylic, watercolours, clay and wood to create his art. He works at a bakery as a baker’s assistant and uses his art skills to decorate cookies. Alex dreams of becoming a famous artist one day.

You can check out Alex’s work on his website:

1pm – Ericka, Sandra & Philip, Paint pouring

Stage Door is a group of talented actors and artists. Each year Stage Door presents a live stage show to the delight of the audiences who attend. In 2017 they created a production called “The 4th Element”. It was a steampunk-inspired show about post-apocalyptic nomads searching for water in the vast wasteland of a very dry earth. During the run of the show, the group had many compliments on the set, and even offers to buy some of it.

They decided to start creating steampunk-inspired works of art. These items are made from recycled materials, and some are actual pieces from the 2017 set – recycled yet again! The group has had a blast creating them and are happy that perhaps a little bit of the set will live on, hanging on someone’s wall.