Previously, we introduced you to some of our talented artists from our upcoming 12th Annual INCLUSION Art Show and Sale, which is happening next week. We are very excited and honoured to have them, and we hope you are enjoying getting to know them!

Derek Armstrong

Growing up with Autism, Derek has always been interested in creating artwork from an early age. Derek’s incredible artwork embodies mythical creatures and fairy tale themed art. His canvases contain vibrant colours and complex details that transcend all artistical boundaries. The technique used by Derek to make his artwork is similar to Disney as he makes the outlines of the drawings with the use of pens and pencils and finishes with amazingly colourful masterpieces that tell a story of their own.


Alternative Creations Studio

Alternatives was founded on the steadfast belief that every person has the ability to create beautiful things.They establish a space and an opportunity for people with developmental disabilities to showcase their artistic skills and to express themselves creatively. The studio provides a stimulating and vibrant space that celebrates individuality.Through the studio’s workshops, classes, and cultural events, the artists are able to engage with a wide variety of mediums. All of their artists face barriers which they translate into celebrations on canvas.The artists bring their creations to life at their own freewill, to compose masterful, beautiful, interesting, provocative, wild, stunning and curious art. The hope is to make art the voice that starts a conversation, builds new relationships, and strengthens our community.




Alexander Magnussen

From an early age, Alexander very much enjoyed making art. Growing up with autism, he always wanted to find a way to make his own money and be independent. At this time, Alex has successfully created his own artistic style with intricate patterns of “squiggles” using strictly Sharpies. He has researched the internet and proudly claims that no one else uses this unique technique to create art. He likes to produce art at home where he unleashes his creativity as he loves the soothing and therapeutic nature of art. The countless hours, days, weeks and possibly months that go into making his artwork is well appreciated as the outcome is absolutely beautiful with complex details.


This was a highlight from last year’s show: Alexander Magnussen of Semiahmoo House Society was our Holiday Card Winner, in Surrey. His creative design came to fruition after putting in 140 hours over 3 months to create this fantastic art piece called “Mountains”. His design was purchased by posAbilities and was used in our electronic greeting cards, Imagine newsletter and online. Alexander is on stage with Fernando, our CEO.


To learn more about these artists, please follow this link: We hope to see you all at the art show!