Contributed by Monica Alves, Communications & Event Planning Intern

Life after high school graduation can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a sense of what direction to take. It can be challenging to find opportunities to keep experiencing new things, new places, and new people in the community. That’s why Kudoz is so excited to announce that they are officially accepting youth!

Kudoz is an experience platform connecting individuals with a cognitive disability with other passionate people in the community. People involved in Kudoz – “Kudoers” – use the online experience catalogue to meet up with volunteer hosts. Hosts offer 1-hour, 1-on-1 experiences exploring a passion or interest – things like carpentry, landscape photography, slam poetry, German cuisine, or film making.

Previously, the platform was only available to adults, but this great news means that Kudoz is open to younger people, too! The recent change comes from on-going discussions with families, who indicated that Kudoz would be a great opportunity for youth with developmental disabilities transitioning into adulthood.

When someone signs up with Kudoz, they first meet with a learning coach to chat about their interests and to figure out how they could most benefit from Kudoz. With over 150 unique, splendid in-person experiences to choose from, there’s something exciting for everyone to try! Check out a full list of the things on offer in the Kudoz Catalogue.

Nick, Sofia – circle member, Quinn & Nicole -Kudoz

“As a mom, it thrills me to see the spark in my son’s eyes, his flashy smile and giggles as he holds Kudoz promo materials in his hands, or when he looks at the images and descriptions of experiences online. You can tell that this experience is something quite different and exciting for him. We can’t wait to get going with our first experience. Nick has selected a few options: swing dancing, Capoeira, and cupcake baking”

– Monique Nelson on her son and new Kudoer, Nick


Reflection Café is also an essential part of the journey. Learning is what happens when we combine experience and reflection! So, Kudoz created a space for everybody to reflect upon their experiences. Using tools, games, and the chance to just sit down over a hot drink, Reflection Café is an opportunity to meet other Kudoers, hosts, and community members, while picking up a new way to see the world! Visit the Kudoz Facebook page to find a Reflection Café near you.

For Kudoz, success means empowering individuals’ sense of self, shattering stigma, and building social capital between people with and without cognitive disabilities. They believe that everyone has a passion (or passions!) to share. So what’s holding you back? Jump on board and join the adventure! There is limited capacity for youth. If you’re ready to discover, grow and challenge yourself with the Kudoz team, go to for more information, or give Kudoz a call at 604 862 5836.



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