The Annual INCLUSION Art Show takes place tomorrow, October 6th! In addition to our participating studios, we’d like to shine a spotlight on this year’s new and returning independent artists.

Hybrid Artist Demos

Join virtually or in person to watch Inclusion Art Show artists demonstrate how they create. Demonstrations happening live at the Inclusion Art Show at Heritage Hall and online on the Curiko platform (links below).

Margaux Wosk Art Demo – Thursday, October 6 from 11:15AM until 12PM PDT

Brianna Piccolo Art Demo – Thursday, October 6 from 12:15PM until 1PM PDT

Dan & Sheri (PotteryWorks) Artist Demo – Thursday, October 6 from 1:15PM until 2PM PDT

Trevor Buddin Artist Demo – Thursday, October 6 from 1:45PM until 2:30PM PDT

Meet Our Independent Artists

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown first got her start making art in art therapy, and later went on to study at Emily Carr University, where she received a certificate in Fine Arts Techniques and in Drawing. “Creating is my way to express my soul-voice in a way to which others can hear and respond. When I create, it feels like something spiritual guides me. I need to continue on my spiritual path, and that is through expressing myself. Art connects me to my Spiritual Self. My art flows from my Spiritual Self. My passion is creating pet portraits and abstract art, using ink, charcoal, chalk pastel, and watercolour.”

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (604) 210-6861

Alex Kariotis

Alex was born in Vancouver. He has always enjoyed drawing and now likes doing photography. He is interested in exploring different ways to display his art. Alex likes doing art because creating art gives him a sense of accomplishment. He enjoys meeting and talking to people who come to the art show in person.

Alex Lecce

Alex Lecce is a self-taught artist from Port Coquitlam who works at Gabi & Jules bakery as a baker’s assistant. Alex loves decorating cookies and is able to use his artistic skills and strengths while working. Alex loves art and does clay modelling, acrylic painting on canvas, wooden sculptures, and pencil sketching, and works in his art studio at home.

Alex’s art website: Home | Master of the Art Alex (

Althea Adams

Althea Adams is a visual artist who rediscovered herself though spiritual and mental wellness, that led to her natural abilities and talents in drawing, painting, pottery, prints, poetry and more. After trying her hand at few mediums, acrylic pouring and acrylic painting is what she uses today for her paintings. These days, she is also learning and drawing fantasy drawings, using ink, with Indian/carbon ink, acrylic ink, and watercolours. She is an innovative, creative visual artist expressing her art as a spirit, aspects of reflection of her and her journey. Her visions that are now seen visually as an expressive art form shown through her eyes.

She has participated in art exhibitions around Vancouver who are inclusive of all, such as the Vancouver Mural Festival 2022/Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture, Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival/Touring show, and Outsiders and Others. Althea is seeking to showcase her talent in the Vancouver community and around the world.

Andrew Khanasho

Andrew is 18 years old and was born and raised in Vancouver. Andrew loves to paint city skylines with acrylics and water plants. He enjoys making digital art, ceramics, and is passionate about further developing his art skills. Andrew’s dream is to one day visit the places he has painted.

Bart Vulliamy

Bart Vulliamy is an Autistic self-taught photographer from East Vancouver. Bart has been in multiple art shows and projects since starting in 2020, including the Inclusion Art Show in 2021. He has worked to advocate for Autism through writing for Accessibility For All Magazine and an interview with CiTR Community Radio. He favours shooting nature and landscapes and liminal spaces to convey his inner mind.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 604-679-8241

Dana Faris

Dana likes to take photographs, mainly of crows, and finds transit-related photos to be interesting.

Derek Armstrong

The subjects of Derek Armstrong’s work are often fantastical creatures that come from mythology or popular fantasy stories. He joined Cloudscape Comics in 2014 and learned how to make comics. In 2017, he created a comic called Legend of the Paladin. He’s been involved with WePress since 2015, when he started workshops of mixed media and collages.

Justin Albay

Justin was born in Burnaby and starting making art when he was a teenager. Justin is also a teacher (Curiko host), and likes to do his art work at home. He enjoys music, which is usually on while he makes jewelry. Justin likes doing art to show his creativity and talent, and he is excited to be taking part in the art show and demonstrating chainmail, which is a type of small metal ring (jump rings) linked together.

Check out Justin’s business at Designs of Glory:

Margaux Wosk

Margaux Wosk (Retrophiliac) is an Autistic, Non-binary, self-taught artist, designer, writer, entrepreneur, disability advocate and activist based in Vancouver, BC (Unceded Coast Salish Territory). Margaux has always been a creative person. Coming from an eccentric family of artists, they credit their family for fostering their unique vision. They have been able to utilize their one-of-a-kind ideas as an outlet for positive change, self expression, and vibrant works of art.

Margaux designs merchandise including a line of neurodiversity pride pieces and hopes to break down barriers and eliminate stigma. Proudly, they utilize their art to open a dialogue of what Autistic and disabled people are capable of. Margaux’s body of work comes in many forms, including vibrant, retro-inspired paintings and mixed media work, to enamel pins, patches and stickers. They have received multiple BC Arts Council Grants, and their art was featured on the cover of York University’s Mental Health Literacy Guide for Autism. They also have extensive press coverage and have shown in multiple galleries.

Michaela Zitron

Mikaela Zitron is a twenty-six-year-old Vancouver resident who has always enjoyed and admired art. She has recently discovered flow acrylics, which she finds beautiful and therapeutic. Mikaela is a health advocate who enjoys all things natural. In her spare time she also enjoys cooking, reading and volunteering. Mikaela is a cancer survivor who lives life to the fullest and finds beauty in nature where she puts imagery to canvas.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (778) 835-0030

Rickie Sugars

Rickie Sugars is a seasoned professional artist with a unique style of painting in abstract cubist expressionism using bold colours and black outlines. Showing a talent in art at a very young age, Rickie found painting and drawing gave him peace while also offering an outlet to express himself. Rickie had his first gallery showing, and sold his first painting, at the age of 17. He has since then gone on to display and sell his art in several galleries and art shows throughout British Columbia, Canada.

Rickie is a classical animation graduate from Vancouver Film School. He started creating animated characters well before graduation, resulting in a partnership in an animation company that went on for many years following graduation. Continuing to pursue his artistic path, Rickie began tattooing in 2004. This led to starting his own tattoo shop and the beginning of designing sculptures created from broken toys. Today, you will find Rickie painting on canvas (or any surface, really), crafting stickers, postcards, high-end wall murals, and interior/exterior commissioned graffiti. With a never-ending imagination that is generously seasoned with wide-open creativity, Rickie is always learning, evolving, re-inventing, challenging, and trying new forms of art. Future aspirations are fashion design, film, and photography.

Sarah Brown

Trevor Buddin

Trevor Buddin has been creating outstanding art pieces since elementary school. Through his school years, Trevor was inspired by colours and how they blend to tell a story on canvas. Trevor enrolled in art classes at Emily Carr and was excited to pursue his passion for art, but one week later his life was changed. On April 19, 2009, Trevor fell from a dangerous height which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. He now experiences partial vision and hearing loss. Trevor spent almost a year in hospital and rehabilitation where he had to learn to speak, walk, read and write again. Throughout his recovery, Trevor turned to art for self-expression and to inspire others. In addition, art has been a coping mechanism for his mental health illness. A few years ago he fulfilled his dream of attending art classes at the Shadbolt Centre for the Fine Arts. Trevor says he experiences every day differently which results in inspiration for new pieces of art. Although his vision doesn’t allow him to sketch and draw as he once did, he hasn’t given up his love of painting and now does abstract art.