Contributed by Vania Huang

Every year, posAbilities presents the Believe, Engage and Inspire Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond in their jobs to make a positive difference. This formal recognition program aims at rewarding employees for behaviours and actions that contribute to realizing our strategic objectives and organizational values. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our winners, Monique Nelson, Angie Webster, Irena Flego, and the Broadway Team for their hard work!

Monique Nelson, who is the Director of Community Engagement here at posAbilities, was presented with the Believe Award for her continued contribution and tireless efforts in advancing our Clothes Drop project and Don’t Sweat it Services programs.  Monique took community engagement one step further by placing a clothing donation bin at the front door of her own residence. Her initiatives have challenged us to be more proactive about fostering community involvement both within and outside of the workplace. Additionally, Monique has been an incredible source of guidance and support to her colleagues and co-op students; her mentorship has provided valuable insight into the benefits of recruiting the younger generation. Monique’s exceptional dedication to her work inspires us all!

Angie Webster was also honoured with the Believe Award for her outstanding contributions and for going above and beyond her role as a casual staff in our community engagement goals. She not only assists persons served wholeheartedly, she has also developed and solidified relationships between them, the Aegis West staff team, community members, and Salvation Army staff. Angie has been a dedicated Salvation Army volunteer for a long time, and is always bringing forth ideas for community projects taken on by Aegis West and Salvation Army. Angie consistently steps up for tasks and takes on responsibilities to assist in community engagement for persons served because she truly believes in and values the importance of these connections.

Congratulations to the Broadway Team (Ellen Manlulu, Anne Morishita, Paul Bakkelund, Marina Hagus, Pauline John, and Edna Cardenas) on receiving the Engage Award for hosting the first annual Block Party. Thanks to their efforts, the event brought people together and helped to build lasting relationships in the community. Throughout the planning process, which began three months in advance, the team worked as one cohesive unit to apply their own unique skills, abilities and talents to ensure the event was successful. The team also made sure that persons served were involved in every aspect, from visiting and inviting local sponsors to the event, to greeting and socializing with the neighbours. Thank you to the Broadway Team for demonstrating your truly person-centred approach and teamwork, and for making this such an enjoyable event!

We’d like to congratulate Irena Flego, a regular staff member at Richmond Social Network, for receiving the Inspire Award. Irena took initiative in forming the choir at RSN, an idea that she proposed back in 2013 and has now come to fruition thanks to her devotion to the project. The choir consists of 15 regular members who meet on a weekly basis to practice and perform for Pine Grove Senior Centre on every third Thursday of the month. The choir has become a source of empowerment for persons served, whose vocal and instrumental skills have greatly improved under Irena’s guidance. Irena plays an integral role in the choir’s continued success and in developing connections within the community.

A huge round of applause to these lovely staff members for their hard work every day! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all and congratulations!