Relationship is ‘a win-win’ for employee and employer
Lisa Bailey

Bradley describes himself as “a hard worker” who enjoys gaming and movies, and is “very organized” and “can help people.”

As a result, Bradley is contributing to a new business, Press Start Video in New Westminster, and the community.

He’s the third person to attain employment through posAbilities Employment Service, which launched in March.

Employment specialist Harry Gill, who’s worked with Bradley as part of a thorough process from education to employment, says the basis of the beneficial relationship is rooted in a discovery step where Bradley shares his skills, interests and strengths.

“It has to start with Bradley,” Harry says, adding he takes his understanding of Bradley to an employer with compatible hiring needs to explain how it could be a great partnership.

“After that, Bradley does the rest of the work. Since he’s gotten his foot in the door, he’s done a great job of maintaining (the relationship) himself,” Harry says.

He notes that Press Start Video talked about expanding Bradley’s hours just a month after he began stocking, cleaning and assisting customers every Monday because of his enthusiasm, work ethic and other attributes.

Bradley is very outgoing, talked to customers on his very first day and has been of assistance.

“The employer looks at it as, ‘We’re building a brand and it would be a wonderful asset if we bring someone on board who’s as enthusiastic about video games as we are,’” Harry says.

“Based on that, we feel that there is a natural chemistry and connection, where the two parties can come together and work together and build the brand,” he says.

Russell, the store manager, welcomes all gamers to see the store’s selection of new and used videos, and encourages customers to let them know that Brad sent them.

Russell also appreciates and values the job coaching offered by the employment service, with Harry providing on-site support to facilitate comfort and understanding.

“We are there helping our clients to be successful on the job,” Harry says, adding the support dissipates as the employee-employer relationship flourishes.

Harry says that Bradley’s confidence has grown tenfold since he began working and makes plans for his paycheque.

Bradley expresses satisfaction in being paid for doing good work. He says he’s also learned about himself as well as expanded his skills and knowledge on the job.

“I feel great,” he says.

Harry notes that a relationship forged by the employment service has to “be a win-win” for both the employee and employer.

Employees gain secure and meaningful employment, as well as new skills and knowledge.

Employers benefit from the contributions of a hardworking and loyal employee while encouraging community inclusion.

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