Contributed by: Karen Copeland, Champions for Community Mental Wellness

How many of you are looking forward to back to school right now?!?

One of the things I always felt uneasy about with back to school was trying to let my child’s teacher know some key things about him, right at the start of the year. We were often encouraged to wait until an IEP meeting, however those don’t typically happen until a few weeks into the school year.

I wrote a letter one year. I created a little (big) chart another. I wrote another letter along with a face to face another year. It all seemed overwhelming – for me AND for the teacher.

So I was thinking. What if we had a “cheat sheet” that we could give our child’s teacher on the first day of school. Not something five pages long (although you will likely have one of these sent home from the school to complete at some point). No, I’m talking about a quick and BRIEF info sheet that highlights some very key things about your child that you believe are important for the teacher to know. Well, you know what happens when I start thinking about something…it doesn’t take long before I start creating! Continue reading here 

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