Contributed by Alicia Neptune, Communications Specialist

Mark your calendars—our 15th Annual INCLUSION Art Show & Sale is coming up on October 10th. The show takes place at Heritage Hall and will feature more than 150 artists with diverse abilities. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is one you won’t want to miss, and we’ve got fifteen reasons why.

The front Heritage Hall, with the Inclusion Art Show banner hanging over the door.

1. The Venue is Gorgeous

Heritage Hall, located on the corner of Main Street and 15th Avenue in Vancouver, is one of the city’s most elegant historic buildings. Inside, huge windows let in the light while the beautiful stonework outside makes the Hall itself a work of art. It’s an ideal place to celebrate creativity and community.

2. The Artists Would Love to Meet You

The show is the perfect opportunity to meet the artists. Discover what their work means to them, ask about their process, and learn how challenges can be transcended through art.

“My favourite part of the show was talking to the artists who proudly told me how much time and effort it took them to finish their work.” – Karen

3. Live Art Demos Show Off the Creative Process

If you’ve ever wondered how your favourite pieces are made, this is your chance to find out! Live art demonstrations will take place throughout the day. Observe the work that goes into the artists’ remarkable creations.

A man in a wheelchair painting with his mouth.

Artist Cody Tresierra demonstrates mouth painting.

4. It’s Fully Accessible

Inclusion is more than just the name of the show. Admission is by donation, the venue is fully accessible, and ASL interpretation is provided. Everyone is welcome to visit the show and enjoy outstanding work on display.

5. The Silent Auction is Back

The return of the silent auction means an opportunity to bid on some awesome items, including tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver TheatreSports, and Ziptrek Bear Tour; some goodies from Strange Fellows Brewing; a tasting at Pacific Breeze Winery; and lots more. If you can’t wait till the auction in the evening, there will also be door prizes awarded throughout the day.

6. Live Performances Light Up the Stage

In addition to the hundreds of artworks on display, INCLUSION also showcases the talents of live performers like this year’s musicians. Manuel Hii, Leon Tam, and Dixon House will keep the show rolling through the afternoon and evening.

7. You Can Do Your Holiday Shopping Early

For those already searching for holiday gifts, or looking to spruce up their home or office, the show is brimming with stunning creations. You can find winter gear like handmade scarves and hats, hand-crafted jewelry, paintings, pottery, and more. Support the artists and walk away with a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones (or yourself)!

The pieces I purchased are now hung on my walls, and every time I see them I feel happy. Such talented artists!” – Kim C.

A table of blue and green ceramic artwork including bowls and mugs with a rack of abstract paintings hung up behind it.

8. Inspiration is All Around

Anyone can make art. The show features hundreds of exciting original works that demonstrate the limitless possibilities of persons with diverse abilities. There’s no better place to get inspired to create.

9. Every Show Is Unique

Whether you’ve attended past shows or this is your first one, you can expect a new experience. For example, this year, artists have been invited to submit one painted canvas around the theme “Home.” It might be a familiar place, a favourite meal, family or friends—home has a different meaning for everyone. Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to see so many unique pieces on display.

10. The Experience Will Expand Your Worldview

Artists show us new perspectives. They might reveal some unnoticed beauty, challenge our point of view, or express feelings we can’t put into words. With so many diverse abilities and outlooks on display, be prepared to walk away with a new way of seeing the world.

11. Art Connects Us All

The INCLUSION Art Show brings together artists, performers and guests from all over Metro Vancouver. Founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion, it is an annual opportunity to encounter each other and connect over artwork. This shared experience can be the basis of new community connections that last long after the evening is over.

“It’s fun to be here because I get to meet new people and engage with the community.” – Fatima

12. There’s Something for Everyone

You don’t have to be Van Gogh to appreciate the art on display. The family-friendly exhibition features original works in a wide variety of media: painting, illustration, photography, jewelry, pottery, glassware, textiles, and more. Chat with the artists and guests, enjoy the live performances, or just wander around and take in the whole eclectic collection.

“The variety of crafts and art work was amazing.” – Sheena MacIntyre

A group of smiling guests at the Inclusion Art Show pose for a photo.

Guests at the Inclusion Art Show in 2018.

13. You’ll Be Part of the Community Inclusion Movement

October is Community Inclusion Month in BC—and what better way to celebrate than at the INCLUSION Art Show? Many participating artists work in studios supported by Community Living agencies across Metro Vancouver. These studios offer inclusive and safe spaces for individuals of all abilities and skill levels to express themselves through art.

14. Your Support Makes a Difference

As BC’s largest disability art show, INCLUSION is a major opportunity for studios and independent artists to share their work with the public. What is truly unique about our art show is that we charge just 15% commission on all sales. The sales generated make a significant difference in the lives of the artists—increasing their self-confidence, providing income and supporting their studios.

We’re so grateful to the people who show up, donate, and buy art—you make this show possible year after year. If you want to get involved and lend a hand, consider joining us as a volunteer!

“When individuals admire and appreciate my art and all of the hard work that goes into creating it, it helps me gain confidence.” – Rachel

15. It’s the INCLUSION Art Show’s 15th Anniversary!

In addition to all the above reasons, this year is special because it marks a major milestone. We hope you join us for our fifteenth show celebrating the creative talents of individuals with diverse abilities.