Supported Living Network

The purpose of the Supported Living Network (SLN) is to assist those with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible within our communities. Supported persons who have an ability to meet their basic needs with regards to health and safety, work with a supportive staff team to assist them with daily living in areas that may include self-care, home maintenance, and social integration.

SLN team members also provide a crucial monitoring service to ensure health and safety needs are met and supported. This service is offered in various Metro Vancouver communities.

The basic skills required to be eligible for the SLN service are:

  • Knowledge of one’s personal safety, safety in the home and in the community. For example, knowing what to do in case of fire or other emergencies.
  • Independence in terms of personal care.
  • Basic knowledge of health care needs.
  • Ability to self-administer medications and follow medication prescriptions.
  • Knowledge of how to make or obtain healthy meals. This may include using a microwave, stove/oven, or it may mean purchasing ready-made meals from a service. This includes basic knowledge of safe eating habits and healthy food choices.
  • Knowledge of money management, bill payment and banking transactions.
  • Knowledge and ability to keep one’s home in an acceptable manner of cleanliness as per the building rules.

In general, the program provides support in the following areas.

  • Assisting with medical appointments and planning.
  • Support to plan meals.
  • Learning how to cook.
  • Assistance with budgeting, personal banking, and other financial issues.
  • Support with BC Housing and/or landlord and building requirements.
  • Offering several community-based social programs to enhance quality of life and social interaction, such as community cooking classes, dinners, and community coffee groups.

Individuals who are interested in receiving services by the SLN must be referred by a Facilitator through Community Living BC (CLBC).

The Buddy Club

SLN is proud to present the Buddy Club, which brings together people of all abilities to do different and fun things every month. Bring your family, friends and neighbours too! Make new buddies for friendship and good times.

The Club aims to build a more inclusive community with affordable and accessible events while having fun. For more information, please click herevisit our events calendar for upcoming events or call 778-945-1436 to join the next adventure!


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