When a job seeker gains employment, it is a significant accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated!  The posAbilities Employment Service team is delighted to host regular celebrations to mark the achievements of persons served along with their families and friends. The celebrations offer an opportunity to hear about each job seeker’s experience, to mark milestones such as the conclusion of probationary periods, anniversaries and salary increases and overall, to inspire and motivate everyone involved in the path to employment.

Katarina proudly shares her employment story with the crowd

On Friday, June 6th, Employment Specialists working from the New Westminster and Maple Ridge sites honoured 12 individuals who are now happily employed in various industries, including: food service, recreation and retail. The celebration began with a speech from Jay Vandevelde, who warmed up the room with his story of how much his job at a local café means to him.

Next up, were honours for those job seekers who had just recently passed their probationary periods and are off to a great start! We heard from Katarina, who works on the floor of a large supermarket/warehouse and mentioned some of her duties, responsibilities and how she is still very excited to go work each and every shift.  Her hours have already been increased and she added that the pay is really good too!





Brigit (left) and Heather, her Employment Specialist (right)

Brigit (left) and Heather, her Employment Specialist (right)

Another person who is newly employed is Brigit, who works in a local catering business. She is delighted to be working in a busy kitchen and enjoys the flexibility of her job, which provides her with the time to continue to pursue her educational and nine different sports activities! Her energy and enthusiasm has allowed her to master the skills needed to do her job well, and so she has been asked to take on more hours.

The other 10 stories were equally inspiring and the Employment Services team thanks everyone who participated in the celebration: participants in the service, their family members, friends, supporters from Community Living BC and other guests. The team also acknowledges and thank their partners in the business community who practice and promote inclusive hiring practices, turning dreams of employment into reality!