Each year, in November, we commemorate Remembrance Day; we take the time to honour our war veterans and recognize the contributions they have made.  In honour of this, we would like to share a story with you that we featured in our Fall newsletter about Norman Chow’s ongoing volunteer role at George Derby Centre, a community based care facility for Canadian Veterans of the Armed Forces.

Contributed by Asia Hollingsworth

Norman Chow had a long and vibrant career with the Stage Door Troupe. Now, as he enjoys his retirement years, Norman continues to seek out meaningful ways to keep himself busy and remains very active in his community. One of Norman’s newest and most gratifying ventures is his ongoing volunteer role at George Derby Centre, a community based care facility in Burnaby for Canadian Veterans of the Armed Forces. Norman from Columbia House at George Derby Centre 2

For those who know Norman, know of his great passion for everything military. When the opportunity was presented to become involved with George Derby, Norman set his mind to it (and when Norman sets his mind to something, it sticks like glue). After a lengthy volunteer recruitment process that demanded persistence and perseverance, Norman became George Derby’s newest mail delivery man! Each week on Thursday morning, you will find Norman collecting and sorting incoming mail and delivering it room by room to all of the veteran residents. Norman has already developed some amazing connections with staff and residents during his short time at George Derby. He takes exceptional pride in his role and is always greeted with a big smiles and great appreciation from everyone at the Centre. Norman returns home from his day of volunteering with an ear-to-ear grin and exclaims, “They know me! They know me!” The look of great satisfaction and fulfillment across his face whenever his work at George Derby is brought up in conversation is infectious.

So here’s a “Salute” to Norman. Keep up the great work!