ICThis past Thursday, InCommonTV hosted Interconnected: stories that weave our social fabric. InCommon.TV is a web-based storytelling channel that provides a platform for people to share their lived experiences with disability. The aim is to build a community where all voices can be heard and experiences can be shared.

The event was held at the Roundhouse and featured five storytellers, who with their unique perspectives, inspirational and/or humorous stories, conveyed important information, lessons on how to live life to the fullest and tips that everyone in the audience could take to heart. The storytellers included Chris Horrocks, Deepi Leihl, Linda McGowan, Shelley DeCoste and Shelley Nessman. A special thanks to Conrad Tyrkin and Meaghen Taylor-Reid for co-hosting the event, and congratulations to Lindsay and the various other InCommonTV organizers for putting on a great evening.

In a few weeks, you will be able to view videos from Interconnected on InCommon.TV. To keep up to date, we suggest that you sign up for the channel’s e-news, which features coming events and updates on newly posted stories.

Spotlight Jake, who has previously shared his own experiences through InCommonTV (watch his video here), was there to cover the event. In his video below, he introduces each of the storytellers and summarizes their key messages in his typical comedic way. Check it out!