Burnaby Board of Trade event increases exposure
Natalie Hamilton

Don’t Sweat It has uprooted new opportunities and Paul Colvin hopes they will blossom into additional business for posAbilities’ socially-responsible home and garden services.

PosAbilities had a booth at the recent Burnaby Board of Trade Business Expo, an event that showcases Burnaby’s diverse business community. Paul, Don’t Sweat It’s business manager, says 300-plus business representatives and consumers attended the trade show that featured more than 50 exhibitors.  It was a worthy endeavor for Don’t Sweat It, he says.

“Our goal was to have more exposure in the Burnaby business community and network with members of the Burnaby Board of Trade,” Paul says.

“Our location at the show was perfect.  We met all of the exhibitors and were able to speak to most of the show attendees.”

Don’t Sweat It crew members Sadar Mufti and Anthony Cardiff manned the booth and networked. “They both demonstrated an interest with attendees and communicated Don’t Sweat It’s mission and business profiles very well,” Paul notes. “They did so well that whenever I approached a booth most remembered speaking with Anthony or Sadar with an appreciation of what Don’t Sweat It does and stands for in our community.”

As a result of the event, Don’t Sweat It received four direct leads, increased exposure and made connections to become potential members on some of the Board of Trade community committees.  

Don’t Sweat It has already heard back from two of the leads received, with one since becoming a customer. Paul is in discussions with the Board of Trade about becoming part of a committee that fits with both the Board’s and Don’t Sweat It’s goals.  

“The best thing that could happen is we get business from all the leads we received and a call or two from attendees to become customers.

“From the perspective of our goals we have met and exceeded them,” he says about the event.

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