PosAbilities hosts summer camp for job seekers
Natalie Hamilton

Youth seeking a part-time job or looking to jumpstart their professional life after high school can launch their employment search at posAbilities.

PosAbilities is hosting a Head Start Employment Camp Aug. 6-26 in Vancouver. Targeting 14 to 18-year-olds, the innovative, fun and engaging summer camp is for students who want to learn about employment opportunities awaiting them after high school, says Kalena Kavanaugh, manager of posAbilities Employment Service.

“We recognized the sooner we start talking to youth about employment . . . and getting them to dream about what that looks like” the better prepared they will be for that new chapter in their lives, Kalena explains.

“It’s employment-focused with a fun spin,” she says about the camp.

Facilitators will initiate discussion by using snippets from popular films that deal with employment.

Participants will cover a variety of subjects including daring to dream, “why we work” and building resumes and cover letters. A guest speaker from WorkSafeBC will share safety information and discuss the importance of refusing unsafe work.

Instructors will work with students on a three-to-one ratio.

“It’s going to give youth an opportunity to meet some new people as well,” Kalena says about the experience.

“We hope they’ll go away with a better understanding of part-time employment or how to transition out of high school.”

Students can choose to continue to access employment services from posAbilities after the sessions are finished.

The camp runs from Monday to Friday for four hours each day. The cost for the three weeks is $475.

For more information or to register, call 604-291-1902 or e-mail employment(at)posAbilities.ca.

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