Stress Management and Yoga

Here’s a fun guide on the basics of yoga and how it can help with stress.

9 mindfulness exercises to help you manage COVID stress

Mindfulness exercises are the gold standard for managing COVID stress for a reason.

Free counselling with Wellness Together Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress and uncertainty for many of us. Wellness Canada has compiled mental health and substance use support resources to help us through this time,...

COVID-19 Self-Help Booklet Series

The Self-Help Booklet Series is for people with intellectual disabilities and can be used with the support of family members, friends, staff, and health care professionals. There is a...

The Federation of Community Social Services of BC Wellness Resources

Among the many, many changes we have all experienced in recent weeks, some are easier to get used to than others. Most of us find ourselves working from and...

Wash Your Lyrics

Stay healthy! Generate hand washing infographics based on your favourite song lyrics.

The Chopra Center Resources

If you’re panicking about the Coronavirus, stop yourself by trying these 7 methods; at-home wellness guide to staying healthy during COVID-19; and more…


SPECIAL OFFER! For those quarantined by the coronavirus, contact them for 2 free months.

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