Jake Anthony recently covered Resolutionary! – a special launch party hosted by Kudoz!  The event was part launch party, part celebration of our 2016 resolutions to learn, try something new, and re-ignite our hobbies and passions. Guests celebrated all of their alluring, wacky, and mundane passions and found out how to use Kudoz to get back into a hobby, or explore something new in 2016.

Guests were also treated to live music, surprise acts, special guests such as Mayor Cote on why New West became the first City of Learning, all while mixing and mingling with an awesome network of hosts ranging from anime illustrators to birders to comedians and much more!

Kudoz is the result of a 15-month design thinking process and is the first of its kind. It is an online learning exchange matching people in the community that have a passion to share with people with a developmental disability who may be bored, curious, or looking to try something new.  Interested to learn more or become a host? Check out: http://kudoz.ca/