Contributed by Gabriela Torres 

Every Friday Morning from 10:30am-12:30pm the sound proof room allocated to posAbilities at Suna Studios blares with the sound of music and buzzes with positive energy. Back in May, we introduced you to the posAbilities House Band, a group of extremely creative and talented individuals who dance, sing and march to the beat of their own drum.

Recently, we reconnected with team members, Dave and Seth who help facilitate the jam sessions at Suna Studios. Because all great things are unexpected and all great bands have to have that WOW moment of self discovery, the jammers have not yet decided what to call themselves but are waiting for a band name to come to them naturally. For now, they are sticking with, “The posAbilities House Jam Band.” If you have any name suggestions we’d be happy to hear your ideas. Simply comment on this Facebook post or email [email protected]!

The past two months have been great for the band. The jammers have reached some level of communal fame as word has spread about who they are and what they do. The original rockin’ dudes and dudettes have become extremely popular and have grown in numbers with 8-10 participants per week!

This is huge when taking into consideration that Dave and Seth initially envisioned playing in a 4-5 piece band. Each member likes to play their own instrument whether it’s guitar, drums, bass or percussion. They also enjoy experimenting with different instruments and are continuously encouraged to try something new! Dave and Seth want to involve as many people as they can in the music making process and this is definitely a great way to start. In the future, they hope to implement a weekly music program with rhythm workshops, songwriting workshops, group sing sessions, recording sessions and much more! Eventually, they would even like for the band to play their music at events for all to enjoy.


The House Band is an experience that is truly special. It is filled with positive energy, good vibes, good music and great people. If you want to join the jammers feel free to do so. Newcomers with a passion for music are always welcome!

For more information about the band contact Seth @[email protected]


See ya Suna rather than later!