Contributed by Gabriela Torres, Special Projects Worker

Just like many other social media platforms, Facebook is a great place to chat with friends, access the latest news, share photos and watch videos! Earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced a few changes to the platform set to occur over the next couple of weeks.

While Facebook is a great place to connect with friends, it is also a wonderful way for businesses to share news about company events, initiatives, and daily happenings. However, the recent changes to the platform will focus on human-centered connections. This means less business news and more hilarious status updates and posts that spark conversations from our friends, family members and others belonging to our social network.

Though updates to applications may come as a shock at first, we must remember that we live in a “plugged-in” world. This means most of us are connected by computers, smartphones and other high-tech devices that allow us to access and sign up for social media accounts with ease. This exposure to technology has made most of us self-proclaimed experts when it comes to using social media. So much so that when changes like this happen we learn from them, grow from them and more importantly adapt to them.

I suppose you are wondering how posAbilities will adapt to this new model of Facebook. First and foremost, we hope to continue staying social on all of our platforms in order to create meaningful connections to those who matter most to us. Yes, that’s right. That means YOU! To receive the latest updates from us, be sure to follow and like our Facebook page. To select the posts you don’t want to miss out on, choose the “see first” setting on your newsfeed preferences and click on posAbilities. By doing this you will be able to access posts from our page and remain up to date with the latest news, information about future events, initiatives and of course, all the fun we’ve been having this year! With so many great things planned, it would be our pleasure to share more with you.

How to set up the “see first” preference on Facebook

Step 1:

Click arrow on right-hand side and access drop-down menu

Step 2:

Click “News Feed Preferences” in drop down menu

Step 3:

Select “Prioritize who to see first”

Step 4:

Select posAbilities, and any other pages or people you want to see first and click “Done”




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