Online survey currently seeking feedback
Lisa Bailey

Through social media channels, posAbilities aims to enhance communications as well as the relationships that lie at the heart of the organization.
A Facebook page, Twitter account and story blog were launched Jan. 17, coinciding with the start of the posAbilities Today online news program that chronicles posAbilities’ strengths, achievements and successes and what’s possible when people work together.Noting that 10.5 million Canadians alone log onto Facebook every day, family services/communications co-ordinator Monique Nelson says posAbiltiies’ new platform provides an opportunity to connect effectively and efficiently with staff and stakeholders, as well as share on a broader scale the organization’s key messages of inclusion and empowerment of people who have a disability and celebrate their successes.

“We want to forge deeper connections and communicate in a way that’s relevant, accessible and easy,” Monique says.

“Social media platforms are channels to have authentic conversations and we think that that is an asset to developing even stronger relationships and sharing more knowledge and information with people.”

A primary goal of this initiative is to strengthen communication with staff, Monique says.

Joining Twitter and Facebook, which are amongst the world’s most widely used social media websites, allows posAbilities’ large contingent of part-time and casual staff to easily connect and stay connected with the organization, Monique says.

The ability to post and tweet in real time is also helpful in the organization’s efforts to keep staff up to date and informed.

Monique notes that there are some interesting elements to social media that can also foster stronger connections.

People, for example, who do not come together otherwise may do so through this forum, such as a CEO responding to someone’s comment.

As well, something as simple as a hashtag on a tweet can attract a whole new set of followers to your website who traditionally wouldn’t find it.

To gauge how staff, the people they serve and stakeholders use social media, posAbilities has posted a survey on its website. Accessible by clicking on a link found on the story blog, the 10-question survey only takes a few minutes to complete and asks respondents about the news program and social media use. There is also a section for respondents to give their comments and suggestions.

Monique says feedback from the survey will be collected, tabulated and shared.

“It’s a very simple survey but it gives us some guidance on where to go,” she says.

Monique also adds that staff can access an online document that provides answers to frequently asked questions about the news program.  It can be accessed by clicking on a link in the employee resource section on the home page of posAbilities’ website.

If you have feedback on this article, please contact the newsroom at 800-294-0051, ext. 25, or e-mail lisa(at)