Crew members build on skills and contribute to economy and community
Lisa Bailey

PosAbilities’ newly launched social enterprise is generating interest in its services and excitement about present and future prospects amongst employees.

Don’t Sweat It officially went into business in the spring after much planning and research, providing socially responsible home maintenance, garden and recycling services through the transition of three posAbilities work experience/training programs.

Business manager Cathleen Franck says crew members are eager and excited about their work and adapting well to the working conditions taking shape in association with Don’t Sweat It’s operation as a full-fledged business.

The commitment to an authentic work environment involves such things as being on time, working co-operatively with coworkers and fulfilling duties and responsibilities to the best of one’s ability.

This builds on training and experience acquired by adults with developmental disabilities through the former programs.

Since launching approximately two months ago, posAbilities’ first social enterprise has instituted its own website as well as sandwich boards and decaling on its three trucks.

The latter elements have sparked some general inquiries from the community as crew members fulfill existing contracts, and word of mouth has generated interest in contracting services from posAbilities staff members, their families and other organizations.

It’s an exciting development pointing to Don’t Sweat It’s potential to foster inclusion of people who have disabilities through meaningful, paid employment.

“What I love about posAbilities is exactly what the name says,” Cathleen says.

“There are endless possibilities when you give people the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way and to compensate them.”

Cathleen says it was exciting to present crew members with their first paycheque, with the spending of this money facilitating their role as active contributors to the economy and community.

The opportunity for crew members to expand their skills and knowledge by working in the various service areas of the business is meeting with enthusiasm from them as well as their families.

Cathleen hopes Don’t Sweat It will be “a stepping stone” to other opportunities for crew members.

“This can be a resume builder,” she says.

Gaining more knowledge and skills as well as experience in the workplace, crew members could start up their own businesses or work with posAbilities employment service to secure work with an employer in the community.

“It’s my hope that they’ll soar,” Cathleen says.

To learn more about Don’t Sweat it, visit

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