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Home-sharing success stories are heard around the world and continue to inspire the work we do here at posAbilities. Last year, BBC featured a heartwarming story of two unlikely roommates, a millennial and an empty nester. Meet 95-year-old Florence and 27-year-old Alexandra, a highly unconventional yet perfectly practical pair of roommates. These two ladies found each other through a home-sharing matching service in the UK.

“I wanted it because I was very lonely, and because I think we all need companionship,” says Florence. Florence needed company and Alexandra needed an affordable place to live during her time as a student. By becoming roommates, their needs were met! “I wouldn’t say I’m her ‘homesharer’. I would just say friends and housemates,” says Alexandra.

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Back in Toronto, Ontario, the Bridges to Housing project has been introduced to homeless adults with developmental disabilities. They use support and expertise from the City of Toronto, Developmental Services Ontario-Toronto Region at Surrey Place Centre, Community Living Toronto and the Inner City Family Health Team, in order to offer individualized residential and mental health support to those in need.

“The Bridges to Housing demonstration project speaks to our government’s strong belief that there is no one-size fits all solution to housing for those with developmental disabilities. The solution is finding residential supports that meet the unique needs of a wide range of individuals through creative partnerships and innovation.” – Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community and Social Services

These are just a couple of the many residential services which serve as a wonderful solution for people seeking a temporary or permanent place to live and be supported in, and people desiring company in their homes and in need of extra income.

Like these services, our Shared Living program takes a person-centered approach to address the needs of our persons served seeking housing and care.

An added and often unexpected benefit? The lifelong companionship that may come along with it. Just look at Rob and Gerald’s Shared Living experience when they welcomed Charlie and Jody into their family in: A Celebration of Family

We understand the value of compatibility and treat every living arrangement with care. We hope to continue seeing the growth and development of home-sharing services in places of need, and are proud of the positive impact our program has had on the lives of many.


Are you interested in sharing your home and life with a person who has a developmental disability? We welcome people from all cultures, socio-economic groups and family structures. Our person-centered residential model offers an opportunity for individuals to achieve an ideal balance of support and independence based on their unique goals and preferences. To learn more, please visit and contact Louise at: 778-945-3368 or [email protected].


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