Org reps join business expo, make new connections, raise profile of posAbilities’ focus on economic inclusion
Michelle Strutzenberger


In light of posAbilities’ commitment to economic inclusion, joining the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Day of Business and Expo last week was another step forward in amplifying the organization’s presence in the local business community.

On May 24, several posAbilities representatives set up a booth and were on hand to talk to people at the Burnaby Delta Hotel where the trade show took place. More than 370 delegates were part of the gathering.

Communications assistant Frank Davalos and employment specialist Seema Tripathi managing a booth at the recent Burnaby business expo.

Employment specialist with posAbilities Vancouver employment service Leah Webb says she had three intentions in attending the trade show.

First, she says, she wanted to expand her understanding of what’s available in the community in terms of resources and opportunities. She also wanted to identify and connect with employers who might hire people that posAbilities works with.

She, along with employment specialists Seema Tripathi, Liane Lowden, Leah and communications assistant Frank Davalos were also looking to raise awareness of posAbilities and its commitment to the economic inclusion of people who have a disability.

And finally, they put a spotlight on Don’t Sweat It Services, which is a social enterprise arm of posAbilities. Through services delivered by people the organization works with, the enterprise offers what it calls both “socially and environmentally-responsible” lawn and garden care.

Employment specialists Liane Lowden and Leah Webb also took part in the May 24 trade show, held at the Burnaby Delta Hotel.

Considering all these intentions, it appears a step was made in the right direction through the trade show attendance.

Director of community engagement Monique Nelson says some positive connections were generated.

Leah adds she has some new to-dos as a result of her involvement. Top of the list is following up with the people she met to explore future opportunities around connecting people to meaningful employment in the community.

Monique notes some key difference with the posAbilities employment service is that the employer/employee support continues over a three-year period. Retraining in that time can be arranged. A main differentiator is that payment doesn’t come with a milestone, for instance, when a job is secured. Instead, the focus is on maintaining employment, which is a greater benefit for both parties, she says.

PosAbilities will be launching a series featuring the meaningful employment experiences of people it works with. Please connect with us to set up a brief telephone interview to share your own story by e-mailing michelle(at), or calling 800-294-0051, ext. 27.