Peter lives in the family home semi-independently
Deb Bartlett

Jan Weber is familiar with the resources that support people who have a disability and their families. He has been involved with the Richmond Society for Community Living, Special Olympics, the school system and Community Living B.C.’s (CLBC) community council.

Jan has three children; two sons and a daughter. Peter, now 30, has Down syndrome.

The family was seeking caregiver arrangements for Peter in his house, and became involved with posAbilities about three years ago.

“He has been brought up independently as much as possible to hold his own in life,” says Jan of Peter. It is what Peter wants, says his dad.

The Webers’ children were in their mid-20s when the home was put in trust for Peter, and the senior Webers bought a condo.

“We felt obliged to give him the security of comfortable living and familiar surroundings,” says Jan. “That is why we put the house in trust and the wife and I moved out.”

The family approached CLBC for funding for Peter’s proprietary care, and a microboard was formed to address Peter’s planning and support needs.

“That meant that when the other kids left the house, Peter would be on his own, and that would not be suitable,” says Jan. He investigated caregiver options and found that posAbilities took the contract over from CLBC and found a caregiver to support Peter.

Peter lives semi-independently in the family home. Peter would like a roommate, and Jan says posAbilities’ network may help him find one.

Jan says posAbilities is helping Peter because he has care, monitoring and safety in place.

For the parents and siblings, the organization provides “peace of mind that we don’t really have the worry of what is going on,” says Jan.

“Now it is a normal situation. Peter lives in his place where he is looked after the way he wants to be looked after. . . I don’t have to worry about Peter. That is my comfort.”

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