Kudoz isn’t your every day volunteer opportunity. It builds on what you love to do, and already have in your schedule.

Maybe you love to make soup, or repair bicycles, or knit, or play the piano, or walk dogs, or something different all together. Whatever cranks your chain, with Kudoz, we’ll turn your interest into a one-hour learning experience for individuals living with a cognitive disability.

Kudoz is a BRAND NEW online catalogue of hundreds of learning experiences for individuals and families living with a cognitive disability. Through novel learning experience, Kudoz helps individuals-served widen their sense of possibility, build their sense of self, and shape roles in the local community. It comes from 3-months of research with individuals who felt bored and stuck, and without sources of ongoing learning & growth.

Volunteering with Kudoz is easy – and can take as little as one hour a month. In exchange for your time, we invite you to be part of our growing community of hosts. Come along to cocktail evenings, network with other people who share your passion, and help to shape the Kudoz experience.

Have a browse of our catalogue. Or give us a call. We’ll have a coffee with you, and tell you more.

www.kudoz.ca / [email protected] / 604-862-5836