The posAbilities Employment Service team has had an incredibly busy year working in partnership with job seekers, families and employers to promote beneficial and lasting relationships in communities through the world of work.  The team hosts regular celebrations to mark the achievements of job seekers who have gained employment.  These milestones deserve to be celebrated!

On the evening of September 22, we held one such celebration, our largest to date which drew about 150 guests.  Job seekers, family members, business owners and members of posAbilities’ board of directors and leadership team, all heard first-hand about the accomplishments of the Employment Service team, as well as those of the more than 60 job seekers who have set foot on the career ladder over the past year!  We heard from a number of speakers to inspire and motivate everyone involved on the path to employment.   Check out some more photos from the evening here.

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Most recently, the Burnaby Now published an article that takes a closer look at our employment service which has helped close to katarina-lovric200 people with diverse abilities find work over the past four years.  The article in particular features Katarina Lovric who proudly shares her employment story and her journey to landing a job at Costco as a cashier.  After much hard work, she is thrilled with her position, the people she works with and having a paycheque to call her own.  “It feels good. I feel like I’m giving something back as a gift. I’m not asking my parents for money anymore,” she says. “I feel like I’m giving back to the community.”  Read more about Katarina’s story here.


                                                                                                                Photograph By Jennifer Gauthier.