It’s the final week of our INCLUSION Art Show! Before the month is out, we’d like to shine a spotlight on this year’s independent artists and those artists who hosted virtual demos throughout October. But first, some exciting news:

We have extended our online sale through this weekend! You now have until Sunday, October 31 to make your purchases! Plus, to celebrate the end of the show, we are hosting a final giveaway. Anyone who makes a purchase between October 29-31 will be entered to win a pair of Vancouver Canucks tickets! Spread the word, and head to to browse hundreds of works from artists with diverse abilities.

Watch Our Artist Demos

Sculpt a Koi with Jessica Bailuk

Learn more about Vicuña Art Studio, hear stories about Jessica’s past pieces, and follow along as she starts to sculpt a koi fish!

Fused Glass with Studio 73

Learn about fused glass with artists Mridu, Harpreet, Carrie and Fatima from Studio Seventy-Three! Check out a fused glass demo, get a tour of the store, and learn about how glass is fused.

A Virtual Tour of A.J. Brown’s Artwork

Enjoy an intimate guided tour of artwork by Deaf painter A.J. Brown! There will be an ASL interpreter present. Everyone is welcome to come connect, be curious and inspired!

Glasswork Demonstration with Kurt

Have you ever wondered how the Studio Seventy-Three artists create their colourful glasswork? Check out this demonstration from Kurt and watch him create a brand-new piece from start to finish!


Meet our Independent Artists

In addition to our participating studios, we are also pleased to showcase the work of new and returning independent artists.

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown first got her start making art in art therapy, and later went on to study at Emily Carr University, which she received a certificate in Fine Arts Techniques and in Drawing. “Creating is my way to express my soul-voice in a way to which others can hear and respond. When I create, it feels like something spiritual guides me. I need to continue on my spiritual path, and that is through expressing myself. Art connects me to my Spiritual Self. My art flows from my Spiritual Self. My passion is creating pet portraits and abstract art, using ink, charcoal, chalk pastel, and watercolour.”

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (604) 210-6861

Bart Vulliamy

Bart Vulliamy is a person with autism who has had a lifelong interest in photography. He likes experimenting with settings, styles, and themes, and uses film and digital cameras. He is influenced by Saul Leiter, Robert Frank, and Ansel Adams.

Email: [email protected]


Daryl Dickson

Daryl Dickson was born into SEKW‘EL’WAS Band, Lillooet and STL’ATL’IMX Nation on October 29, 1969. Art is an important means of expression as his speech is limited. He’s exhibited his work at: Artists Helping Artists (Burnaby), The Gathering Place (Port Coquitlam) and the INCLUSION Art Show & Sale (Vancouver).

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (604) 431-8282

Derek Armstrong

The subjects of Derek Armstrong’s work are often fantastical creatures that come from mythology or popular fantasy stories. He joined Cloudscape Comics in 2014 and learned how to make comics. In 2017, he created a comic called Legend of the Paladin. He’s been involved with WePress since 2015 when he started workshops of mixed media and collages.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (604) 396-5279

Linda Edens

Linda Edens has been an artist since the age of 5. She grew up and has resided on the North Shore of Vancouver her entire life. “Much of my art is a reflection of the experiences I’ve had as a young person exploring the North Shore Mountains and our beautiful backyard, the wondrous coves of the West Vancouver area. Later in life, I was diagnosed with MS and eventually had to stop working. Out of sheer boredom, I took up art in various forms. I’ve worked on everything from pottery, to quilting, to watercolors, to photography and to personalized wooden hangers. I love anything that involves a paint brush!”

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (604) 988-3000

Mikaela Zitron

Mikaela Zitron is a twenty-six-year-old local Vancouver resident who has always enjoyed and admired art. She has recently discovered flow acrylics which she finds beautiful and therapeutic. Mikaela is a health advocate who enjoys all things natural. In her spare time she also enjoys cooking, reading and volunteering. Mikaela is a cancer survivor who lives life to the fullest and finds beauty in nature where she puts imagery to canvas.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (778) 835-0030

Rebecca Nosella

Rebecca Nosella was born in Vancouver started making art as a child. She has cerebral palsy and Aicardi syndrome, which is neurological and is only in females. Rebecca is a peaceful/soothing person, a teacher of patience and thought, and likes to be included. She creates her art at artist helping artists, The Shadbolt Center and at home. Her style is uninhibited free style and no special tools are required. She has shown her art at Shadbolt Center, Yale Town, and Victoria. Her mom and friends are her biggest supporters, taking her to venues to do her art, buying material, cleaning up her and her creative painting, and helping her at shows. Rebecca feels appreciated being in the art show.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (604) 220-7201

Rickie Sugars

Rickie Sugars is a seasoned professional artist with a unique style of painting in abstract cubism expressionism using bold colours and black outlines. Showing a talent in art at a very young age, Rickie found painting and drawing gave him peace while also offering an outlet to express himself. Rickie had his first Gallery showing, and sold his first painting, at the age of 17. He has since then, gone on to display and sell his art in several galleries and art shows throughout British Columbia, Canada.

Rickie is a classical animation graduate from Vancouver Film School. He started creating animated characters well before graduation resulting in a partnership in an animation company that went on for many years following graduation. Continuing to pursue his artistic path, Rickie began tattooing in 2004. This led to starting his own tattoo shop and the beginning of designing sculptures created from broken toys. Today you will find Rickie painting on canvass (or any surface, really), crafting stickers, postcards, high-end wall murals, and interior/exterior commissioned graffiti. With a never-ending imagination that is generously seasoned with wide-open creativity, Rickie is always learning, evolving, re-inventing, challenging, and trying new forms of art. Future aspirations are fashion design, film, and photography.