Contributed by Monica Alves, Communications & Event Planning Intern

Did you know that posAbilities offers innovative and fun learning experiences to our team members outside of the office? Supporting your personal development is important to us, which is why we’ve welcomed iGrow into our agency, a wellness initiative that emerged from employee feedback and involvement.

Our full-time, part-time, and casual employees can qualify to receive the iGrow reimbursement, a financial incentive for personal development activities outside of work to encourage well-being. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try painting, or you’re interested in learning Spanish. Do it now with iGrow!

Activities include but are not limited to: Dance lessons, swimming lessons, learning how to meditate, new language classes, computer classes, learning new outdoor activities or sports, cooking lessons, and craft classes. It’s the perfect opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. With a wide variety of personal development activities for you to explore, you’ll surely find something right for you.

“You can buy your employees’ time and muscle . . . but their hearts and minds come free.”  Stephen Covey

Your work and personal life go hand in hand, influencing one another. So it’s no surprise that a personally fulfilled employee will be much more motivated to deliver their best work on the job.

iGrow resources provide a little soil, water, and sunlight to nurture your personal growth and assist you in becoming more fulfilled. Personal development isn’t just created outside of our workplace, it’s something that is integrated into our holistic lives. A happy and healthy life through personal development can positively impact one’s productivity and professional development at work as well.

Let’s take a look at how the iGrow reimbursement helped Lori Underwood, Shared Living Coordinator, become a Doula:

“I have wanted to become a Doula for some time.  I had been looking at the course offered through Douglas College for about two years.  I think the miracle of birth is one of the most exciting things to experience, and have been present at six births over the years.  The last three most recent were my daughters having babies.  I was there as “mom” and was happy to be, but I wanted to be able to help more.  So I decided to take the training to become a Doula and provide my services to women that need the help and support in birthing their children.  Doula’s provide support not just for the pregnant woman but the partner(s) as well. 

I have always worked in a helping profession, and I saw this as a natural step for me to take.  This is something that I could continue to do after my retirement from my “9 to 5.”  In the beginning, I will have to work at becoming established in my community and then adapt my schedule around the pregnant women I am supporting.  I am not sure if this will work out for me or not at this stage, but I am pleased that I am certified, and I have the confidence and skills to be a Doula going forward. I appreciate knowing that the agency is supporting me should I choose something else to learn through iGrow.”

Employees who have on average worked a minimum of 8 hours per week in the previous calendar year, qualify to receive an iGrow financial incentive for their personal development activities. The Wellness Committee will review and approve applications submitted. Please visit the iGrow page under the Wellness tab in ShareVision for more activity ideas and information on how to apply.


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