Curious to discover who you are, your strengths, and what skills you need to set and meet personal goals? If so, then Explore was designed for you! Guided by a Journey Facilitator, Explore is open to adults of all ages who are on the path to employment. This new platform offers a single point of intake to multiple services, including:

Our early outcomes show that:

  • Individuals who receive a higher intensity of support build more natural supports in community and learn more skills, lessening their reliance on services.
  • Individuals who have participated in a longer reflective process, have more tools to communicate and advocate for their goals.
  • Individuals who have a clear understanding of their choices, are attached to services or platforms that match their goals.
  • Individuals who have more opportunity to work simultaneously with multiple supports, are more successful in obtaining their goals.

For more information, contact our Journey Coordinator by email [email protected] , or visit the Getting Started page.