Hello everyone,

As the long weekend is fast approaching, I’d like to share a message and a challenge with you. We have faced so much together over the past few months, and we know how deeply living through this pandemic is affecting us all. We usually get to see each other at the Association’s annual picnic, under the blue skies and tall trees of Burnaby’s Central Park.

I know I will be missing that opportunity to connect in person, and I am sure that you have made many sacrifices along our COVID-19 journey too. It isn’t easy living the new normal. However, I am so very grateful that we have kept everyone (staff and persons served) at posAbilities safe. This is wholly with thanks to you, and your dedication to the posAbilities family.

The biggest development since our last update is that we began welcoming participants back to their community inclusion services and offering more in-person supports as of July the 20th. There are many new protocols in place, and overall, things are going smoothly.

Many individuals and families however, remain concerned about the recent uptick in cases, and are waiting a bit longer before resuming activities outside of their homes.

As we prepare for a long weekend, I ask for your continued support in following public health measures. It is within each of us to make the choices that are needed to keep everyone safe throughout the summer – both on and off the job.

Let’s harness your creativity and share photos of us at home or in our programs, having fun doing something different, new, and within our public health guidelines. Email a photo to [email protected] and we will enter your name into prize draws for sweet summer treats as a token of our appreciation!

Although our pandemic updates are less frequent, we continue to release e-newsletters filled with resources and events, and we add new content to our COVID-19 resource pages on our websites (posAbilities and Laurel). If you have any questions, please reach out to us at any time.

Until next time, on behalf of the Pandemic Response Committee, I wish you a safe, and fun filled summer with open spaces, and fewer faces.

Fernando Coelho,