I hope this update finds you well and enjoying the wonderful summer weather we are having across the province this week. It’s time to relax and grab a copy of our latest newsletter Imagine where you can read about what the people of posAbilities have been up to! Before you kick up your feet, check out this quick COVID-19 update.

1. Is wearing a face mask still optional at posAbilities? 

Yes, persons served, employees and visitors are not required to wear a face mask while at their programs. However, a mask is mandatory if:

  • a program is taking extra precautions due to exposure to COVID-19;
  • the individuals supported are particularly vulnerable to illness from COVID-19.

Face masks are recommended in indoor group settings; when participating in a crowded event, and while using public transit.

2. Can we still gather in groups of any size? 

Yes! We recommend that family visits take place outdoors this summer. The new variants of the virus are highly transmissible, and being outside reduces the risk.

3. Where can I get COVID-19 Test Kits, or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? 

We have ample supplies of test kits and PPE to share – just ask us!

4. Should I get my third booster now, or wait for the Fall vaccination program?

We continue to follow public health advice, and encourage all who have not yet done so, to obtain their third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, or a booster. Fourth doses are currently available to adults age 70+, Indigenous adults age 55+ and vulnerable groups. Anyone who has not been contacted, and wishes to be vaccinated, can request a booster from their pharmacist, or the BC Centre of Disease Control. For more information, please click here.

We are grateful for the effort that individuals and families have taken to keep themselves and others healthy and safe. We continue to monitor pandemic conditions and public health recommendations closely. If any operational changes are required, we can pivot quickly and will contact you if your services are impacted. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your liaison at posAbilities for more information.