Contributed by Monica Alves, Special Projects Worker

From left: Tina Reilhan, Danzante Caldera, Rosemary Schwarz, Teena Miller, Pam Balog, Louise Blackwell, Anita Parti and Joshua Hunter

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

You’ve put hours of blood, sweat, and tears into your latest project at work. Not only did it call for you to step up into a leadership role, and not only was it under a tight deadline, but it also required you going above and beyond your typical job roles to complete the task and fulfill the needs of this organization. Think we wouldn’t notice? The Believe, Engage & Inspire Awards were created to recognize posAbilities’ team members for surpassing what is required of them in order to help us achieve our mission and strategic objectives. Congratulations to our most recent winners who we honoured on May 24th!

And the award goes to…


Anita Parti | Inspire Award

Anita from posAbilities Employment Service was selected to be a presenter at the 20th annual BC Career Development Conference, where she educated our peers with her workshop “Journeys with Accommodations and Diverse Abilities”. Through this, she educated both new and experienced Career Development Practitioners that may not have the tools or knowledge to support individuals with diverse abilities to seek and maintain competitive employment. Her informative presentation encouraged these practitioners to learn the fundamental principles of customized and supported employment.

Thank you, Anita. You have been awarded with the Inspire Award for your efforts in supporting people with diverse abilities to be better represented in the workforce!


Joshua Hunter | Believe Award

Joshua from Aegis West is well respected for his calm demeanor, kind words and strong focus on the well being of our persons served. He is always willing to go the extra mile by taking on extra tasks and projects, starting early and staying late when needed, and just generally being a flexible and positive influence to the Aegis West team. He also took the lead on setting up the Sing & Sign program which invites community members to join us in learning ASL through music. Joshua continues to play a key role in the development and success of this program, and his enthusiasm to go above and beyond is valued and appreciated here at posAbilities.

Thank you, Joshua. You have been awarded with the Believe Award for all that you do to make Aegis West a better place to work and attend!


Louise Blackwell & Pam Balog | Engage Award

Louise and Pam from Occupational Health and Safety deserve recognition for the exceptional work they put into ensuring that the recent Certificate of Recognition Audit by WorkSafe BC went smoothly, bringing about higher than expected results. Their passion for this project ensured all employees have access to vital information that keeps them and their peers safe at work. In addition, they are always available to assist with special projects, and never fail to raise their hand if they can add value.

Thank you, Louise and Pam. You’ve both been awarded with the Engage Award for your continuous efforts to find ways to engage our stakeholders in meaningful initiatives that strengthen our association!


Supported Living Network – Buddy Club | Engage Award

Danzante Caldera, Rosemary Schwarz, Teena Miller, and Tina Reilhan from the Supported Living Network demonstrate inclusion through their actions and behaviours in the Buddy Club. “Buddy Club” was initiated by the team members, and these four individuals stepped up to be the organizers, planners and supports for each event. Their efforts help engage people with intellectual disabilities and without, to get together in a natural setting and enjoy a social event or environment. The focus these team members have on the goal of inclusion, and their ability to stay away from the typical “programming/systems” approach, is commendable.

Thank you, Danzante, Rosemary, Teena and Tina. Your efforts have made a positive impact on this organization and the people we serve, and earn you the Engage Award!


A big round of applause for our winners! Your passion and dedication is truly inspiring. YOU are the building blocks of an effective team, and we’re so proud to have you with us!